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The Future of Education is not just about following the top trends in innovation in learning. It’s about creating that future.

It’s for those who believe there’s a better way than the status quo for individuals to learn. It’s for those who believe we can help all individuals build their passions and fulfill their human potential and live a life of purpose. It’s for those who believe that innovation can help us throw off a standardized, monolithic education system and build a set of options that recognizes each person as the individual they are—and treats them with dignity.

I’ve been working to create that better future for over 15 years through my writing, speaking, consulting, advocacy, and research. I’m the cofounder of the Clayton Christensen Institute, a nonprofit think tank; an adjunct lecturer at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education; and coauthor of multiple books on the future of learning, including:

This newsletter helps paint a vision of the future of education and show how we can move to that vision in all realms of learning, from K–12 to higher education and lifelong learning.

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More About Me

If you want to know more about me, check out

In addition to the above, I cohost the top education podcasts Future U and Class Disrupted. I’m a regular contributor to and the New York Sun. I also serve as an executive editor at Education Next, and my work has been featured in outlets such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Harvard Business Review, and NBC. 

I serve on the board and advisory boards of a range of education organizations, including Imagine Worldwide, Minerva University, the LearnLaunch Institute, and Guild Education, and I’m a venture partner at NextGen Venture Partners. I’ve been able to help create and invest in companies through my time at Entangled Studios.

I was selected as a 2014 Eisenhower Fellow to study innovation in education in Vietnam and Korea, and Tech&Learning magazine named me to its list of the 100 most important people in the creation and advancement of the use of technology in education. I hold a BA in history from Yale University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School.

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Speaker, writer, advisor on future of education. Author of several books, including From Reopen to Reinvent & Choosing College. Cofounder of Clayton Christensen Institute; lecturer at Harvard Graduate School of Education. Cohost of Future U podcast