This post appeared originally on To my friends who send their children to sleep away camp (and others in that boat), bear with me and read the whole piece (or, better yet, the book From Reopen to Reinvent)! You’d still have that option in the ideal “no…
Multiverse, a UK-based company, has turned heads as it has modernized apprenticeships and learning to help place individuals into the workforce. With…
Plus, a Live Conversation with Chan-Zuckerberg’s Head of Education Later Today
What if instead of fighting them, school districts tried catering to them?
Concourse Global & the Quest to Flip College Admissions on its HeadListen now (24 min) | College admissions has been criticized for being opaque and confusing for students and their families. Concourse Global is a…
Space and Pedagogy
What a Better Assessment System Would Look LikeListen now (42 min) | A Conversation with Jay McTighe
Thank you to everyone who has purchased copies of my new book, From Reopen to Reinvent. The response has been terrific, and I’m appreciative. As a…
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The Future of Education